Data and Advanced Analytics

Capability Overview

Data and Advanced Analytics has always been PCGI’s core specialty because we form a group of high-level methods and tools that can help you get more out of your data. The predictive capabilities of advanced analytics can be used to forecast trends, events, and behaviors. This gives organizations the ability to perform advanced statistical models such as “what-if” calculations, as well as to future-proof various aspects of their operations.

Capability Roadmap

Our ‘Insight Driven’ Enablement Roadmap can help you harness critical insights by building next generation Analytics Capabilities. We help our clients build an insight driven operating model & organization, and enable them to deliver on KPIs, Outcomes ,and AI driven Next Best Actions (NBA). Our Enablers bring a combination of deep functional, domain and technical expertise to help Clients generate most value from their insights. We have strong capabilities and implementation experience with most leading business intelligence, visualization, data marts and text analytics platforms

Capability Framework

Salient Features


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