PCGI Care Cloud - Accelerating Patient Journey

PCGI help Pharma / Biopharma clients improve and accelerate overall Patient Experience and their path to therapy by leveraging Digital, Artificial Intelligence, Next Best Action, Text Analytics and Case Management capabilities to improve collaboration across key stakeholders and eventually reduce Prior Authorization hurdles. The solution included working with state-of-the-art cloud-based platforms to effectively govern and manage critical patient data and interactions in real-time

Capability Overview

PCGI CareCloud® has been designed to address the current challenges that pharmaceutical companies face in the Patient Services area. Targeted customers for CareCloud are Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers, Medical Device Manufacturers, Patient Services Hub Operators (Call Centres), Specialty Pharmacies and Health Insurance providers

Why PCGI CareCloud®

Salient Features

A Patient Hub & Reimbursement Platform for BioPharma, PCGI CareCloud®

Solution Architecture

Real-time collaboration to assist patients

Business Outcomes

Insights and Data Driven Business Outcomes

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